Sunday, January 5, 2014

a village near the road

every time i take my first walk in a new place i have so different impressions, so much new ways to express them with my camera. new feelings, new me.

it was empty, as most of the villages nowadays, sadly. i saw few bikers and decided to take a photo having this theme but still i wanted to have the emptiness in it, like this biker is going to be gone very soon. that's why i combine these two. the second one is taken outside the village, after the graveyard.

i don't know why but my main thought was to capture childhood, imagining kid with a bike. maybe it's because i was such a kid in a village. but that kid is not there, not here.

after two or three hours of walking around, these people stopped me and asked me what am i doing. told them that i am photographer and i enjoy observing, that i have been living in my grandfather's village every vacation as a kid and somehow i know about their life. we talked about 10-15 minutes and they asked me to take a photo of them and also, if i publish this photograph, to write below it - "We're living happily, it's clean here, there are not so much cars."

Thank you, kid.

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